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Unleash your Wild Sacred Woman
Reclaim your Feminine Power

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OCTOBER 13 – 20, 2016

Are you yearning to Unleash more of your Magnificence, Radiance, Feminine Heart, Sensuality, and Wild Woman?

Perhaps this desire comes as a little whisper or maybe it’s more of an ache in your heart.
Maybe you are already in the waters of your Remembrance and wish to go deeper as you embody more of your truest Self.  

Wherever you are on your path, we Invite you to follow the call of your inner Wise Woman and Unleash yourself from the Inside out.

The Journey of your Unfoldment asks you to release your:

  • Wounds that are old and scarred yet still seem to chain you.
  • Beliefs that keep you small and invisible.
  • Conditioning that reminds you to diminish your light.

From this place of inner healing and reflection, Unleash your Sacred Medicine into the world:

  • Share your heart in your home, community, and globally
  • Be seen and revel in your Feminine Power
  • Exude your Sensuality from a place of safety and confidence
  • Dance in your pleasure.
  • Speak your truth and use your voice.
  • LOVE.

Moments of Wild Sacred Sisterhood…

Join us on an epic adventure of your Wild and Sacred Woman.

The Woman who knows that her courage and willingness will ultimately transform her life.

The Woman who knows the path to reclaiming her essence contains her greatest bliss and challenges…. and understands that these are milestones of her evolution.

This is yours if you desire.

During this retreat, we encourage you to Allow the Full Moon to coax out your brilliance, Connect deeply with Nature, Participate in Ritual and Ceremony, Honor the Rhythms of the Earth, Embody the Goddess and her Teachings, and Restore Women’s Wisdom… these are steps back home to YOU.


Reconnect with your Wild Sacred Feminine Essence

Maybe you were taught to be a “good girl.” Maybe your boundaries were crossed repeatedly. Maybe you have been silenced through years of self-defeating inner talk.

Reconnecting to your Wild is an essential part of your awakening.  As you learn to express yourself, you liberate the places inside of you that have been closed off or shut down. And now is the time to bridge your Wild with your Sacred. To feel that you are a Holy Offering in the World and know that your gifts, knowledge, strength, expertise, love, and way of being are valued and greatly needed.

Wild Sacred Women reminds you that YOU are Divine because it is your birthright. The Goddess lives and breathes through you. We invite you to look at the world through the eyes that she has gifted you. And from this place, you will Reconnect with your Wild and Sacred, knowing that these are essential parts of Unleashing who you are as a Woman.


The World Needs Us. And We Need Each Other More Than Ever.

Separation, isolation, and mistrust of others have unfortunately become the “norm” for many women. We tend to hide or ignore our feelings for fear of being shamed or judged. We are walking around holding so much of our pain, anger, heartache, and fearing to actually speak our truth or express personal boundaries.

As you remember the ways of the Feminine, you open your tender heart to be seen and heard by other women. You know that as you share your vulnerable stories, it connects you to others and to a larger collective whole. Slowly, you chip away at the armor that you have been wearing to find acceptance, joy and meaningful relating amongst women.

Wild Sacred Women is rooted in the very essence that as one woman rises, she brings along one or more women with her, thus creating a network of inspired women around the world. We honor that we all hold similar wounds and desires and through this commonality, we become more loving towards one another and celebrate the unique gifts we each have. With your participation, you enter into in a supportive global tribe of sisters.