Frequently Asked Questions 

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I have never been on a retreat and I am so curious about joining you. How will this enhance my life?

Sometimes it can take a retreat… a moment away from your daily life…. to come home to yourself.  Quite literally, to move away from distractions and patterns to reveal the path that your Soul is calling you towards.

This is an opportunity to commit to yourself and go on an adventure that surely your Soul is craving.

This retreat is meant for you to be able to dive into a deep container of the Sacred so that you can re-emerge and share all of the medicine and teachings with the world.  To be a Visionary in your home, work, community, etc.

This retreat will change how you relate to yourself as a woman…. It is based on embodiment, assimilation, and integration.

This is for healers, mamas, birth professionals, yoga practitioners, corporate women… all are welcome.

We create retreats that honor the WHOLE of woman.  We respect that every woman is multi-faceted, powerful, and full of possibilities.  We welcome you and know that every day here will activate deep remembrances for you.

I am feeling fear about investing in myself? Do you have recommendations on how to move through this?

Ah yes, girl. Our own deservability and worthiness. Here is a simple practice. Read the retreat information a few times. Check out all the tangible and intangible gifts you will receive. After reading, stand up and with feet firmly on the floor, put one hand over your heart and one hand over your wombspace. Picture yourself in Maui. An understanding of your body’s wisdom, a heightened sense of power, a group of women who have got your back. Breathe deep.

Take a step back (literally). Open your eyes and ask yourself if this program is a Yes. This is a process of asking your body. In our minds, we can create a litany of reasons NOT to leap and this generally holds us back from our truest desires. Ask your body. I promise you will get a clear Yes or No.

What do I pack?

Everything will be emailed to you upon Registration.

If you do not receive an email from us with this information, please email

You talk about the power of sisterhood and how to learn from the women taking the program. I don’t have experience with this. Should I still enroll?

We are all craving community. To be seen. Appreciated. Valued. Understood.

We may not have experience with this or feel fear, but it is a longing in our hearts.

What you will find in this retreat is women who will support and honor you. They will see your greatness (sometimes more than their own) and hold you to your commitment to heal your body, mind, and Soul.

We can’t heal on our own. We need a cheering squad. A tribe. A sisterhood.

What are the details for flights and arrival?

You can fly directly into the Kahului Airport on Maui.  The airport code is OGG.  From there, you will take a taxi to Hale Akua Garden Farm Retreat Center.  If you want to come early and settle into the magic of Maui, please contact Hale Akua to reserve a space.  We highly recommend arriving a day or two before we begin (as well as staying a day or two after we complete).

We begin October 13th with check-in anytime after 2 pm.  Our opening circle will be at 4:30 pm.  Please make sure that your plane arrives NO LATER than 2 pm on October 13th.

We complete October 20th at 11 AM so please make sure that your flight leaves at 1 pm or after.

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