We Are Honored To Be Your Guides On This Retreat

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A significant part of our life’s purpose is creating sacred space for deep connection, expression, transformation and healing within sisterhood. Through the ancient ways of the circle that teach and guide us, we share our gifts to activate within you the embodiment of your true womanly essence and live from a place of inner empowerment.

We are passionately committed to living in the rhythm of our own feminine power and are continuously learning from the Goddess as She unveils herself through us.

We believe that through our collective remembrance and embodiment of the Divine Feminine, we are restoring earth wisdom to a world deeply needing heart healing and bringing forth meaningful connection to ourselves and with each other.

It’s important to know that although we are the Facilitators of this Wild Sacred Women Retreat, there are numerous Guides supporting you.  From the Ocean, to the winds, to the flowers, to the lands, to the waterfalls… there are unseen forces sharing their wisdom and magic with you.

Sister, we look forward to dancing under the light of the Full Moon with you and delighting in the presence of Mama Maui.



Achintya is the Founder of Goddess Rising, a Global Sisterhood Mystery School dedicated to reconnecting women with Lunar Rhythms, Goddess Wisdom and each other for celebration and embodiment of the Wild Sacred Feminine. Her international & online Moon Circles, Trainings and Retreats provide a safe and powerful container for cultivating women’s health, empowerment, healing, transformation and leadership. Weaving ancient traditions with modern living, she brings forth Moon Mystery Arts Training, Womb Wisdom, Feminine Life Design, Ritual, Yoga (Yin, Partner & Kundalini), Zen Shiatsu Acupressure, Pranayama, Sound Healing, Meditation and Dance, with Pure Food & Herbal support as medicine for the soul and balance for the planet.

Achintya is passionate about living life in gratitude, joy and devotion. She invites us to be present & authentic as we delve deep and have fun in our human spirit journey. She is a Registered 400+ Yoga Teacher, Zen Shiatsu & Massage Therapist, Holistic Health Practitioner and Feminine Empowerment Mentor.

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Ameya is shifting the current paradigms in Women’s Health and Feminine Leadership.  Through her background as a Certified Women’s Herbalist and Flower Essence Therapist, Plant Spirit Medicine Practitioner, Feminine Embodiment Mentor, Counselor, and Shamanic Practitioner, Joanne Ameya supports women to Remember their truths, beauty, wisdom, and power.

She is most passionate about helping women to let go of past pains and hurts in order to reclaim their Wild Feminine Hearts.  Anchoring this in wisdom traditions, women are invited to coax out their radiance.  They are set off on a path of reclamation.

Joanne Ameya is the founder of the Woman Rising School for Flower Essences and Shamanic Studies offering various levels of trainings in these two medicines.  She is also the co-facilitator of Priestesses of the Moon and Wild Sacred Women Retreat.

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